Sunday, July 2, 2017

Need to visit an Audiologist- What are Good Questions to Ask?

What would you feel if you see the crack of dawn and birds flying in the beautiful sky but cannot hear them singing even if you give your best effort? What if you cannot listen to the laugh of your dearest one or cannot talk to your friend because you cannot hear what s/he is talking to you?
When a person loses the ability to hear either because of any accident or from any disease, no one else can really understand that pain. Audiologists take up the responsibility of giving these patients new life by again filling their world of unbearable silence with the magic of sound with appropriate diagnosis and treatments.

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Audiologists Email List

In order to get the best treatment, when meeting an Audiologist or an ENT Specialist, you need to ask the right question to the doctor to find out the right answer. Here are some basic questions that you need to ask your doctor before starting with the whole treatment procedure.

What is the reason behind losing my ability to hear?
In order to get the right treatment, you should know exactly where the problem lies and how severe the condition is. Therefore, you should ask your specialist that exactly what kind of hearing complication you have, what is the root cause of this condition and only then you should proceed towards receiving the given treatment. Hearing impairment can take place because of many reasons like medication, inflammation, infection or simply because of ageing. According to the cause and nature of the disease treatment will also be provided differently.

How bad exactly is my condition?
From mild to severe- your impaired ability to hear can be at any stage in between. The taken approach towards the disability would be different based on the stage of criticality. In order to understand “the stage” your audiologist will run some test to diagnose frequencies and pitches you have to struggle to hear the most. After understanding the condition, the hearing specialist will provide a suitable and probable solution(s) for your degree of hearing loss. Remember, not every type of hearing impairment is treated with hearing aids. However, if the condition is critical then hearing aid will possibly be considered to be the best treatment.

What if I don’t do anything?
Well, the consequence will be similar if you are going through a bad headache, fever, stomach pain or any other health condition and just leave it like that without having any treatment. If you are facing mild hearing loss now, without any treatment the situation will only become worse. Therefore, a smart person will never make the mistake of leaving this problem without proper doctor’s consultation just to make the condition deteriorate even more.

How expensive will the treatment be?
Well, this is an important question. Before just “going with the flow” you should clearly develop an understanding of how much expenditure the whole diagnosis and treatment procedure will take. Start from the beginning. During the consultation ask your audiologist about the fees of diagnostic tests and if these can be covered by insurance or not. If you need a hearing aid, get a clear idea of purchase and maintenance cost involved with that device. 

These are the general questions that you should ask your audiologist before starting with your diagnosis and treatment. When a patient is fighting the battle with hearing impairment, family members play a very crucial role. Audiologists can also guide family members of an affected patient with various methods of managing the condition and supporting that patient by helping them in understanding his/her communication needs or installing simple assistive devices around the home.

Posted by: Susan Taylor

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Doctors Shortage in the USA: Who are Real Culprits?

According to the report of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), by 2030, the USA will face a huge shortage of 40,800-1,04,000 physicians. If anything like this actually takes place, it will become a nightmare for both the US patients and healthcare marketers.
Marketers have to make their foundation strong before starting with their campaigns- proper identification of target audience is definitely one way to do that. Well, healthcare marketers always have the option to purchase doctors email database from an authentic vendor and keep the campaigns focused based on that. But what makes a smart marketer "better" is, having an in-depth understanding of the targeted market.
If numbers are telling the truth, the US healthcare industry is going to face some serious challenges in near future. A smart marketer should, therefore, have an in and out knowledge of this situation before starting with their marketing projects. Let’s take a look at 4 major factors related to the complication of the physician shortage in the US.

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Doctors Email List

Population Growth
With the constant advancement in medical science, the mortality rate is continuously decreasing. According to NBC News report, there has been 15% downfall of infant mortality rate in this country.
With more people are living to be older, demand for specialized physicians is simultaneously rising. As per Janis Orlowski, the Chief Healthcare Officer of AAMC, demography is one of the most important factors behind this shortage of US doctors. He has said, “the number of people over the age of 65 is expected to go up by 40-45% within the next 10 years.” Therefore, there will be a huge demand for doctors with expertise in offering treatment for diseases that mostly appear in this older and sicker population.

Supply of Physicians is Decreasing
As the fact-sheets suggest, demand for doctors and physicians is gradually rising. But the supply of physicians is not increasing at that same pace, rather the number is actually falling down.
According to OECD statistics, there are 2.56 doctors per 1000 US people- which is definitely not sufficient. Besides, every 1 in 3 practicing physicians is now over the age of 65 and close to retirement.
In order to fill the huge demand for physicians, medical schools should increase student capacity as soon as possible- which is not really happening. The average acceptance rate for medical students is now 44.5%, whereas some medical schools are accepting even less than 10% students.
This situation is taking place because of the major reduction in government funding in healthcare. According to Los Angeles Times report, the US Government is calling for almost 18% cut next year on their healthcare funding. Even National Institute of Health is going to see a huge budget cut of $5.8 billion. If the situation remains unchanged, future of the US healthcare industry is only going to get worse.

Shortage of Physicians in both General and Specialized Fields
According to Annals of Family Medicine report, by 2025, the US will need more than 52,000 primary care physicians. But the AAMC predicts, there will be a huge shortage between 12,500 and 31,000 in primary care doctors.
Cancer has now become an epidemic and the situation is only getting worse with time. By 2025, the number of cancer affected patients is going to increase almost 42%, resulting in a huge increase in demand for oncologists in the market. But again, numbers fail to bring any hope. By 2025, there would be a shortage of nearly 1,500 oncology specialists- which means, only 28% improvement on the overall number of oncology doctors.
The horror does not end here. The AAMC report also comes up with the prediction that there will be a shortage of 21,400 general surgeons in the US healthcare by 2020.

As per Geography
A large section of healthcare analysts are saying that there is actually not a “shortage” of doctors in America, the main problem lies elsewhere. As Dr. Rechard Olds, CEO of Carribbean Medical School St. George’s University said, “the real problem is we don’t have enough doctors in the right places in the right specialties.”
When the urban areas are flooded with high-profile specialize doctors and surgeons, in rural areas and other small communities of the country, there is a huge lack of primary care doctors, specialized physicians and surgeons.
Physicians in those localities are very less paid, therefore, doctors from urban areas usually avoid practicing in these localities. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, 70% of US counties do not have medical oncologists at all.

If the government doesn’t take any fast and effective action to solve this crisis, the healthcare sector in the US is going to be a tough place for the marketers to grow their business.
Still, marketers also have the option to knock the right doors by using can-spam compliant healthcare data. But they have to choose the right market vendor in order to get the highly-responsive healthcare database.

Posted by Susan Taylor
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

8 Major emerging trends that is going to change the shape of nursing care

When we think about First and Second World War, we still can hear the pain of innocents, the misery of those soldiers who were compelled to drink the poison of war. There was another battle going on outside battlefields and those streets of horror- where nurses were main warriors. They continuously were fighting their battle against the horror of world wars with only one objective in mind- saving as many human lives as possible. With minimal infrastructure and constant bombarding around them, they firmly stood at their positions and fought their battle of humanity.
Now the time has changed, but value and respect for nursing as a profession is still the same. With continuous advancement in medical technology, the field of nursing is now stronger than ever before. And this advancement is never ending. The upcoming years are going to see some outstanding transformation in nursing care. 

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Nurses Mailing Lists

Remote patient monitoring
RPM or Remote patient monitoring is a technology through which it is possible to monitor patients even outside the conventional clinical setting. Therefore, this technology will help to keep track of patients’ body weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, blood sugar, electrocardiogram, heart rate, etc. even after they will be discharged from the hospital. This will help nursing professionals to provide better care to their patients.
Change in demography
In near future, there are going be some major changes in the demographical structure of the nursing profession. According to the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (by HRSA, the US government), present nursing professionals are more educated, technologically skilled and professionally experienced than what it was earlier. And the number is only going to get better with time. Besides, the number of male nurses is also rapidly rising with time. 
Wearable technology
In order to get reports through remote patient monitoring, nursing professionals also have to be outfitted with necessary wearable technologies. Nurse practitioners would have to wear respective technology device that can help them to collect data through remote patient monitoring and assess health condition of their patients.
New nursing specialities
The constant advancement in genetic study and stem cell technology research is also putting an impact on the field of nursing profession. As the current healthcare market nature reflects, nursing practitioners who are specifically trained with genetic study and/or have specialized training in stem cell technology will be in high demand in near future. If nurses are also going to be specialized in these crucial areas, then it will be a great leap for medical science to proceed towards learning the causes behind critical diseases and find out solutions for those.
Robot Nurses
Many of us have seen pictures on the internet where a robot is holding patient or providing nursing care. This idea of using a robot for nursing services has created some major misconceptions among people. Many people think robots are about to replace nurses in near future, therefore future of the whole nursing profession is unsure. This is completely wrong. In providing nursing care, robots will be utilized for better nursing assistance- not to replace the nursing practitioners. For example, in Japan, they have developed a robot who provides assistance in lifting up and moving a patient from bed to wheelchair. This will help to reduce the risk of lifting injuries.
Intelligent alarms
Smart alarm or intelligent alarm is the new technology in nursing care that can keep the nursing professionals aware of the current health situation of their patients. Through these alarms, they can be notified if any patient is in critical condition and needs an urgent intervention.
Alternative care nurse
The practice of alternative healthcare is continuously growing across the world. Nursing professionals in recent days are very much skilled and have proper training. But with the rise of demand in holistic or alternative medicine, nurses are also going to get proper training in providing alternative therapies. A recent article (January 2017) published by Indian Journal of Palliative Care came out with a fact that most of the nursing professionals in the field of allopathic medicine are not very much aware of holistic medical care approach. But the excessive demand for alternative healthcare treatment is the main reason that the scenario is going to change very soon. Along with the mainstream healthcare, nurses will also be expected to have knowledge about alternative, herbal and other complementary forms of therapeutic intervention.
The list does not end here, rather it is just the beginning. As we can see, the world of nursing care is going to going to get a new shape within next few years. And this improvement in the nursing sector is gradually going to help the overall healthcare industry to achieve better growth. What is your opinion is about these emerging trends in nursing care and its impacts? Share your thoughts with us!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do I need to see a Psychologist? Answer these 3 Questions to find out

A: “Hey,  I have recently noticed something. You don’t seem very happy these days, is everything alright?”
B: “Actually, I am also not very sure. I don’t feel good at all. It’s like a big cloud of sorrow is always wrapped around my heart. Sometimes I feel, this cloud of sadness is getting inside my body and trying to choke me to death.”
A: “Oh God! I think you are going through depression. Why don’t you just visit a psychologist?”
B: “Are you out of your mind? What will people say? They will think I’m psychologically challanged!”

And this is how most of the people who are continuously fighting with mental disturbance step back and do not take the courage of consulting a mental health professional. Ask these 3 questions to yourself. If your answer is "yes", consult an experienced psychologist today before it's too late.

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Psychologists contact database

Question 1: Do you always feel sad?
Like the mentioned condition above, if you are continuously fighting with uncontrollable sorrow, if nothing in the world is being helpful enough to make things better for you, maybe it is the time that you should consult a psychologist. 

Question 2: Are you always worried about everything?
If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. This is something you can definitely get rid of- if you consult a psychologist on time. If your day to day life activities is getting hampered because of your extreme anxiety, fear and mental uneasiness, do not waste time and take proper action now.

Question 3: Does your life seem out-of-balance these days?
Are you losing track of your own life? If you are drowning deeper and deeper into the complications of everyday life and failing miserably to take proper decisions, if your career is running out of the track right in front of your eyes or your relationship with friends and family members is constantly becoming worse- maybe it is not the “others” who are responsible for this; may be the root cause of your every misery is lying inside yourself. Consult a therapist now- you will find motivation again and will be able to bring your life back on track.

Not just emotional or behavioral disturbances, doctoral level specialist psychologists like- child psychologists, consumer psychologists, developmental psychologists, educational psychologists, military psychologists, school psychologists, sports psychologists, etc. also practise in non-clinical environments like educational institutes, business organizations and government agencies. Psychologists also administer a number of tests and assessments to evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a person that can improve his/her personal and professional lifestyle. So if you are also going through a difficult phase of your life, visit an experienced psychologist now and make your life beautiful again.

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