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How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Health and Well-being

Massage Therapy and Well-being
Massage Therapy and well-being

Known to be one of the ancient forms of therapy, massage is known for treating ailments, wide array of body aches, enhance energy levels and take care of physical and emotional wellbeing. Most of us lead busy, stressful lives in the contemporary world of today. With so much dedication towards fulfilling our ambitions, we have little time to devote to ourselves for relaxation. The power of massage is immense. Right from boosting your body’s resistance to disease to soothing, stimulating, relaxing and rejuvenating your body, thus enhancing your overall well-being, massage does it all.

Well, there’s nothing more invigorating than a good massage after a hard, tiring day! So, let’s look at the top health benefits that massage therapy brings.

Reduces stress and anxiety

With passing time, massage therapy has gradually turned out to be a popular means of diminishing your stress levels. Massage increases the oxytocin and serotonin levels in your body, thus lowering stress. What more? Apart from relaxing your body, regular massage therapy reduces blood pressure and peps up your mood as well. Taking care of your body should always be your topmost priority. Just add a good massage session to your daily routine and lo, you have inched a step closer to a healthier, happier and peaceful life.

Relieves pain

As per a review published in the journal Pain Medicine, it is said that massage is helpful in granting you relief from pestering headaches, muscle and bone pain, spinal cord pain and fibromyalgia pain as well. Massage increases blood flow to stiff muscles and joints, elicits release of natural painkillers called opioids in the brain, enhances the flow of oxytocin, which relaxes muscles, thus alleviating body pain. According to a survey conducted by the American Hospital Association (AHA), more than 70% suggest massage therapy for pain relief.

Boosting digestive health and immunity

Bloating, constipation and other digestive disorders have been a cause of concern for many. Ever thought of beating them with massage therapy? Your stomach requires healthy blood supply in order to digest the food and an effective abdominal massage can speed up the circulation in your body, thus giving your digestion a boost. A good massage session also increases the number of white blood cells called lymphocytes that defend your body from diseases and improve your immune system.

Some common types of massage therapies 

Swedish Massage Therapy

Considered to be the most common type of therapy in the US, this gentle form of massage uses kneading, long smooth strokes, deep circular movements, tapping and vibrations to relax you.

Sports Massage

Specially designed for people who are involved in sports activities, this type of massage focuses on preventing and treating injuries, loosening muscles, increasing flexibility, thus improving the performance of the athlete.

Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage provides relief from painful muscles, postural problems or strains by using forceful strokes, targeting connective tissues and deeper layers of muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

Specially suited to treat stress-related conditions like headache, premenstrual syndrome, back pain and insomnia, a variety of scented essential oils like chamomile, lavender, tea tree, geranium and rosemary are used in this massage form by the massage therapist to provide you relaxation.

Pros and cons of massage therapy

Massage may be helpful in treating digestive disorders, anxiety, insomnia, tissue strains and so on. Apart from providing relief from these health conditions, people enjoy massage as it soothes and relaxes your body. But, massage is no substitute for regular medical care. Massage may not be suitable if you suffer from burns, healing wounds, fractures, bleeding disorders, osteoporosis etc.

Role of Massage Therapists

Be it massage therapist, physical therapist or occupational therapist, exploring career options in the health and wellness sector is quite challenging. Massage therapists work towards treating a host of injuries and illnesses, stress-related pains, improve relaxation and the overall well-being of your body. A massage session can be as short as 10-15 minutes or as long as 2 hours, depending on the requirements of the clients. They make use of massage oils, lotions or creams in order and their work environment includes massage studios, fitness centers, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping malls etc. to name a few.

Tremendous health benefits can be gained if you opt for regular massage therapy sessions from registered massage therapists. So, whether you need to lessen muscle pains, get relief from chronic pains or enhance your physical and emotional well-being, massage therapy is what you should go for. Making use of their knowledge of physiology and amalgamating traditional and modern massage techniques, massage therapists are experts in providing relief to clients, irrespective of their ages.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

4 Reasons to Visit a Dietitian

There are facts and there are misconceptions – and there are misconceptions that people believe as facts. For instance, it’s a fact that a person’s food intake and habits has to be monitored to a significant extent if he/she is suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular problems or is even pregnant, and visiting a registered dietitian will certainly help. But it’s a misconception if one believes that visiting a dietitian will help in reducing weight immediately!

A dietitian is like a food coach. On being consulted therefore he/she will usually have a detailed discussion with you about your lifestyle, eating habits, working hours, level of activity, medical history, purpose of visit, goals etc. Accordingly he/she will help you to understand how to balance food habits and intake, so as not to lose on the nutritional aspects. Considering that depending on the level of expertise and experience dietitians possess their initial consultation fee can range between $100 to $500 (at times not covered by insurance) it is unwise to seek professional aid unless really required.

So let us share with you some of the reasons as to why and when to visit a Dietitian!

Dietitian at Work!

Your eating habits are affecting energy level

The human body needs a balanced diet in order to be able to carry out regular chores. So if you feel unusually tired, or find it difficult to go through the entire day without feeling sleepy, or feel too exhausted to exercise, then certainly there is considerable dip in your body’s level of energy. The first thing to do in such cases will be to visit a physician or doctor and probably have a few tests conducted to identify if there is any recognizable medical condition. If not, in most cases your physician will direct you to a registered dietitian in order to rework and plan your dietary intake. A Registered Dietitian will study you in depth, inspire, counsel and support you by formulating a diet chart that will ensure that there’s natural balance in food that is being consumed so as to maintain the required levels of energy.

You have a chronic medical illness or food allergies

Food plays a critical part in certain illnesses. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, renal problems, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. can be controlled to a greater extent by charting a nutritious eating plan. Visiting dietitians will not only help in understanding what should and should not be eaten regularly, but they can even prepare a cheat sheet for you to savor your taste buds and fondness for certain food items from time to time. Similarly, if you have food allergies such as lactose intolerance, it is recommended to visit a dietitian so as to incorporate substitutes into your diet.

You are pregnant or are breast-feeding

It is recommended that during pregnancy one visits a registered dietitian in order to ensure that the body is eating well enough to keep it nourished. It is not uncommon to develop high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and even gain weight during this time, and hence it is recommended to keep consulting with a dietitian to eat right. Similarly, during breast feeding your diet should be rich in iron, vitamin B and D, fluoride etc. A dietitian can help you with that too.

You are having a tough time eating healthy

Emotional eating, especially eating fried and junk food is not uncommon and people often battle with these. In such cases visiting a registered dietitian is strongly recommended. They do more than coach you about calorie intake. They also help you to plan and eat smarter. It further helps if your dietitian is also trained in holistic health as they can take care of emotional coaching as well.

So don’t be misinformed. Remember that Dietitians and Nutritionists are there to help you plan your diet. They are not going to stop you from eating everything that you love! So be informed and look at facts before drawing conclusions.

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How to Uncover Confusion in Selecting a Mailing List-Part3

Clone your classic customers with customer survey

According to the Pareto principle, the 80% of your profits comes from 20% of your customers. Analyze your customer files to see what the Best customers have in common such as demographics, attitudes, interests and purchase patterns. Use these traits to search the database and find the best prospects that have similar characteristics. This results in more effective marketing campaigns.

This in-depth analysis of customers and prospects helps you understand your customers and make better marketing decisions. Clone my customer takes the guesswork out of consumer prospecting to help you target future buyers, giving you the same promotional power used by the largest marketers.

How to Decide Which Customers to Clone?

Each business has unique needs in terms of selecting whom to include for cloning. Your consumer prospect list might include:
  • Customers who have a high value to you based on total purchase amount or lifetime purchase value
  • Loyal customers who have the highest loyalty to or longevity with your business
  • Recent buyers who are likely to respond to seasonal or new product offers
  • Customers who demonstrate a buying pattern, such as premium product buyers or those who have purchased three times in the last three months

However you decide to determine your best population to clone, the cloning process will profile those customers for you and find people who have similar characteristics and therefore have a higher propensity to purchase from you. 

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How to Uncover Confusion in Selecting a Mailing List-Part2

Compiled lists suffices all your needs

Compiled lists are less-targeted (and often non-targeted) versions of their response list counterparts. In the past, compiled B2C lists were created primarily from DMV records. These days, compiled data can actually be of higher quality due to use of the internet, census demographic data, etc. Compiled lists are derived from a wide variety of sources. They are:
  • Telephone directories (both the white and yellow pages)
  • Trade publications including directories for various industries and membership rosters of trade and consumer groups.
  • Private memberships rosters of clubs, unions, associations
  • Government records - including professional registrations for each state for all licensed trades such as doctors, lawyers, contractors, engineers, etc.
  • Lists purchased at auctions
  • Lists obtained through barter agreements
  • Auto and truck registrations and driver’s license lists in states where these files are released.
  • House to house canvassing, mail surveys, warranty card data.
Compiled lists cost less than response lists. Their advantage is that they are cost effective. Another distinctive advantage of Compiled lists is that they are totally comprehensive. Their non-targeted nature, however, usually means that compiled mailing data is much better used in a branding/visibility campaign than a direct sales campaign.

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