Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do I need to see a Psychologist? Answer these 3 Questions to find out

A: “Hey,  I have recently noticed something. You don’t seem very happy these days, is everything alright?”
B: “Actually, I am also not very sure. I don’t feel good at all. It’s like a big cloud of sorrow is always wrapped around my heart. Sometimes I feel, this cloud of sadness is getting inside my body and trying to choke me to death.”
A: “Oh God! I think you are going through depression. Why don’t you just visit a psychologist?”
B: “Are you out of your mind? What will people say? They will think I’m psychologically challanged!”

And this is how most of the people who are continuously fighting with mental disturbance step back and do not take the courage of consulting a mental health professional. Ask these 3 questions to yourself. If your answer is "yes", consult an experienced psychologist today before it's too late.

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Question 1: Do you always feel sad?
Like the mentioned condition above, if you are continuously fighting with uncontrollable sorrow, if nothing in the world is being helpful enough to make things better for you, maybe it is the time that you should consult a psychologist. 

Question 2: Are you always worried about everything?
If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. This is something you can definitely get rid of- if you consult a psychologist on time. If your day to day life activities is getting hampered because of your extreme anxiety, fear and mental uneasiness, do not waste time and take proper action now.

Question 3: Does your life seem out-of-balance these days?
Are you losing track of your own life? If you are drowning deeper and deeper into the complications of everyday life and failing miserably to take proper decisions, if your career is running out of the track right in front of your eyes or your relationship with friends and family members is constantly becoming worse- maybe it is not the “others” who are responsible for this; may be the root cause of your every misery is lying inside yourself. Consult a therapist now- you will find motivation again and will be able to bring your life back on track.

Not just emotional or behavioral disturbances, doctoral level specialist psychologists like- child psychologists, consumer psychologists, developmental psychologists, educational psychologists, military psychologists, school psychologists, sports psychologists, etc. also practise in non-clinical environments like educational institutes, business organizations and government agencies. Psychologists also administer a number of tests and assessments to evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a person that can improve his/her personal and professional lifestyle. So if you are also going through a difficult phase of your life, visit an experienced psychologist now and make your life beautiful again.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Different Types of Nursing Specialties: How Many have you Heard of?

When we talk about the standard of healthcare service provided by hospitals or other medical clinics, it is not just specialty physicians or surgeons we talk about. The quality of nurses and their provided care also plays an integral role while discussing this subject. For different healthcare services, there are different categories of nursing professionals. Some of the major categories have been discussed below.

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Registered Nurse
RN or Registered Nurses are those nurses who have associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. These nursing professionals assist doctors or physicians in hospitals and healthcare centers while providing treatment to patients with diseases, health injuries and other medical conditions.

Nurse Practitioner
NP or Nurse Practitioners are those nursing professionals who work under the supervision of physicians. These nurses can assist physicians in diagnosing diseases, prescribing medicines or to develop proper treatment plans.

Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse
These registered nurses work within ICU or Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. They are expert medical professionals in providing complex nursing care to the most critical conditioned patients in hospitals. As this is a specialty department in nursing care profession, it needs proper training and in-depth working experience before starting with this job.

Travel Registered Nurse
Travel registered nurses work on the temporary basis both nationally and internationally. Their duration of the temporary contract depends as per the demand of their specific working field. They sometimes have to work for weeks, and sometimes for a few years. Their duties and responsibilities are mostly similar with registered nurses, just they are the “no strings attached” employees who work for various nursing service provider agencies.

Home Care Registered Nurse
These registered nurses provide nursing care to patients within their home. Usually, patients with geriatric disorders or even young people with some developmental disorders can not leave their home because of mobility issues. In such conditions, these RNs help them to achieve nursing care without leaving their own place.

Oncology Registered Nurse
These nursing professionals provide nursing care to patients who are fighting their battle with cancer. They observe or monitor cancer patients, assist oncologists in prescribing proper medication, operate chemotherapy and other required cancer treatments.

Dialysis registered nurse
They are also known as Nephrology Nurses. As the name suggests, these nurses are experts in taking care of patients who are suffering from kidney disorders or any kidney functional abnormalities. They have to work in hospitals, as well as in dialysis clinics or patients’ homes to perform dialysis and other treatments suggested by respective nephrologists.

Neonatal Intensive Care Registered Nurse
They are the professionals who provide nursing care services in NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. As infants need immediate medical attention after they are born, these nurses have to be extremely cautious and careful in their work. They should have proper knowledge of all medical equipment which is required for providing life-support to a newborn baby.

A Nurse is a caregiver, primary communicator and knowledge provider to his/her patients. They are the mediator through which doctors can be aware of patients’ health condition and prescribe solutions accordingly. This is why nurses are often called “heart” of the healthcare system.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Do you need to visit a Dermatologist? - Find out now!

Just think of this situation. Your brother is getting married. You have bought the best suit for that very day and booked the best available stylist to make you look like a queen. But one bright sunny day before the celebration, you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and find a big round pimple shining on your face.
From the mandatory acne/pimple attack to troublesome critical skin diseases- Dermatologists are the specialists who can find us solutions. When we face a skin issue, there are always some “friends” who have suggestions for the exact skin problem we are fighting with. Most of the time, these “suggestions” are of no use. Rather you should consult a dermatology physician to find the proper cure for your skin disorder. Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit a dermatologist.

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The pain of Acne
The irritation of acne is known to almost everyone. If your pimple or acne is something that you want to get rid of and that also very fast, consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Hormonal fluctuation, bacteria infection, birth control medicine, stress- acne can happen for many reasons. It is always better to consult a specialist to understand the proper reason first and then take action accordingly.

The irritation of Itching
If your skin is becoming extremely rough or itchy, it is high time that you consult a dermatologist for the suggestion. There are several skin conditions that can cause such persistent itching. So it’s better to take the suggestion from an expert dermatologist before taking any sudden action. Because there might be some internal reason behind the skin complications you are facing.

Check the patch
If you have a patch which is darker or lighter than your usual skin color and therefore clearly visible, you should check with your dermatologist once. The patch or mole can either be your birthmark or something that you have recently noticed. No matter what it is, do a check-up to understand if this is a safe one. Because such moles or patches can be symptoms of some serious health conditions like skin cancer (like Lymphoma).

Helplessness of Hair fall
A recent medical research has come out with the fact that people in the USA spend more than $10 billion over hair care. Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia, Chemical hair damage, Telogen Effluvium, Traction Alopecia- the reason behind your hair fall can be many. So when you see you are facing excessive hair loss, don’t wait until its too late. Consult a dermatologist as soon as possible to find out the best solution for your hair condition.

And the list does not end here. Complications like skin rash, flushed skin, having issues with your nails or anything else- do not waste your time until its too late. Visit your nearest dermatologist to get the proper and required treatment for your skin problem. No matter how small or severe the problem is, make sure the dermatologist you are visiting for consultation is experienced enough.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How can you find the right child care provider center?

After the baby is born, parents can take leave for a certain period of time to take care of their child. But after that, both of them have to start working and get busy in their own lives. This is obvious, there is nothing wrong at all. But you have to be careful, rather very careful while selecting the child care facility center or day care center for your child. Because it will be them who are going to take care of your baby when you will not be there. There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a child care providing center-

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Child Care Facility Providers Mailing List

Regulations and flexibility
Flexibility and some fixed regulations- both are necessary to raise a child. Similarly while selecting a child care facility provider, it is necessary to choose a center/specialist where both qualities are equally present. There should be some rules and regulations that the center strictly follow. Simultaneously, the center should be flexible enough to understand situational demands of parents and adjust accordingly. For example, parents can definitely drop off their children at different times, but there should be a clear mention of the exact duration of their operating hours. A good child care center would definitely provide you with a written document of their regulations on the very first day. If a center is not particular about its own specific regulations, then it would not be a very good option to trust your child with.

Daily routine (activities)
There should be a structured schedule for every day. The daily routine should include physical activities, group activities, individual activities and free time. Center professionals should be able to provide a clear structure of their curriculum that they have planned for children. Another thing, those activities should be differentiated as per children’s age group. In order to make these activities take place, the center should have enough age-approved toys and teaching materials with them.

Qualified and experienced caregivers
In order to understand inner-environment of the center (as your child is going to spend a long time of the day inside this center) observe the behavior of staffs of that center. Look how they are behaving with each other. Spend some time there, observe how they tackle or communicate with the children. This will allow you to understand how good or bad the center environment is actually going to be for your child. Make sure they have trained and experienced nannies and child care providers. As per NAEYC guidelines, there should be 1 caregiver for every 3 children. Still, the number can vary as per different conditions (like age group, etc.). Make sure caregivers are responsible enough and well prepared to handle all kind of emergency health situations.

These are the 3 major factors, but there are more! Make sure they are providing healthy food. If your baby has allergy from any particular food, make them aware of that from the very beginning. Make sure cleanliness is properly maintained here. Last but not the least, check and double-check if they hold the current license and credentials or not. Maintain constant communication to keep track of their activities before your kid starts talking.

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