Top 3 Health Issues Which are Affecting Women’s Health

Irrespective of gender, diseases are the common uninvited guests in every human being’s life. But specifically, the health condition of women is now a very crucial matter of concern. We all are aware of the fact that diseases like PCOS, breast cancer, etc. are mostly present among women. But, there are some common, as well as critical health complications like heart diseases, osteoporosis, etc., which are gradually affecting women's health more than men. Some of the top global women’s health specialists from different medical fields have pointed out 3 major health hazards of women in the present days. Let’s take a look at what they are, what are the causes and who are at risk.

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Heart disease 
As per a recent research by Mayoclinic, heart disease has been considered as the leading cause of death among the women in the United States. The women who are not living a healthy lifestyle, are currently under immense threat of heart disease. The situation becomes more complicated for women in case of having a heart attack. Unlike men, most of the times women hardly feel any severe symptom like chest pain. On the contrary, they usually feel heart attack symptoms which are unrelated to chest pain, like- shortness of breath, sweating, discomfort in neck, jaw, shoulder or upper back, etc. High blood pressure, diabetes, excessive smoking, menopause, anxiety, etc. can be the major reasons for developing heart diseases among women.

Breast cancer 
As per World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2013 report, breast cancer had taken more than 5,08,000 women's’ lives across the world in 2011. And the saddest part is, the situation is only getting worse. Presently, 1 in every 8 women in the United States is developing breast cancer. Some of the most common breast cancer symptoms are- inverted nipple, breast pain, sore nipple, bloody nipple discharge, swollen lymph nodes in armpits or neck, any change in the size/shape of breast or nipple, etc. Even though the actual reasons of breast cancer could not be identified, some recent medical studies have come out with some common risk factors, which includes- inherited BRCA1 and BRCA2, late pregnancy, having dense breasts, family history of breast cancer, etc.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the leading endocrine conditions which are severely affecting women of reproductive age. As per the National Institutes of Health’s report of US Department of Health and Human Services, 5-10% women between the age group of 18-44 are at risk of PCOS. Not only that, women who have obesity or have someone in their family (like mother or sister) with PCOS, they are also at risk. The exact number of PCOS affected women is not recorded. But, the women’s health specialists like obstetrician and gynaecologists, endocrinologists and expert medical researchers have estimated that 1 in every 10-15 women are getting affected by this disease nowadays. Some of the common PCOS symptoms are- menstrual irregularities, infertility, excess hair growth, obesity, etc.

The list does not end here. There are other major health complications which are affecting the health of the women. For example, women usually have a chance of developing osteoporosis after menopause, as the oestrogen hormone decreases at that time which is responsible for protecting bones. Researchers have come out with the fact that women are twice likely to experience severe depression than men. More awareness needs to be spread and more women’s health specialists should effectively take the responsibility to fight this situation. Because it’s never possible for a society to proceed towards betterment if its pillar is struggling hard to live a healthy life.

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