When is the right time to visit an optometrist?

They say “eyes are the windows of the soul”. A pair of eyes and a second of glance can express a lot more than words can ever do. But such poem of expressive eyes can never be written if it looses its own light- the vision. Therefore, it is the duty of the beholder to keep the eyes healthy through regular check up. Optometrists are the eye doctors who examine eyes for both vision rectification and to cure its health problems. After an in-depth evaluation, they correct the refractive errors by prescribing needed contact lenses or eye glasses. But many people are not very aware of the fact that exactly when is the right time to visit an optometrist for their eye check up. As per the eye care experts, you need to have at least one comprehensive eye exam in every 1-2 years (according to the age). Here are 5 symptoms that you need to visit an optometrist right now!

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Frequent headaches
If you are continuously suffering from a headache, the first question you should ask yourself is- “when was my last eye check up”? If your work needs you to stay in front of the computer screen for a long time or work overnight or anything that is causing you headaches frequently, you should not delay your eye check-up anymore. This headache may also be caused by astigmatism, long-sightedness or even glaucoma. In order to keep your vision safe and know the real problem, get your eyes checked by a specialist ophthalmologist.

Eye infection
If you have an infection in your eye, go to the doctor- Plain and simple. Eye pain, increased sensitivity to light, redness, fever, blurred or decreased vision, foreign body sensation- these are the symptoms of eye infection. Even if any one symptom is present, go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Bright flashes/floaters
If you feel like small dots, lines or circles are filling your vision or suddenly can see the flash of lights in your field of vision, check with your optometrist right now. If diagnosed early, these complications can be treated. Otherwise, these eye problems can also lead you to blindness.

Eye pain
If you are not feeling comfortable with your eyes- do not waste time, go for a check up. If your eyes are hurting, irrespective of the reason behind the pain, stop experimenting by yourself and visit an optometrist. Eye pain can be a sign of infection, injury, scratched cornea, glaucoma and even eye cancer. So, don’t take chance, go to a specialist.

Need for squinting
If you have to squint to read something from the computer or the road signs while walking on the street, this may be the time when you should start using eyeglasses. Optometrists will do a check up of your eyes and let you know which one will be the right power of glasses to make your vision clean again.

Be the smart one. Visit an experienced optometrist if you face any of these mentioned eye complications. Because it is always the best option to take suggestions from the specialists.

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