Why it is important to have one Family Practice Physician within the network

We all know that one doctor who has in-depth knowledge about all the health complications of our every family member. From the grandpa’s unbearable knee pain to the new two-year-old member’s sudden cold- s/he is aware of everything. From fever to fistula- no matter what physical inconvenience we face, family practice physicians are always the first medical professionals we visit and seek suggestion from. Here are few reasons why having such physician within the network is always beneficiary for a family, let’s take a look!
Family Practice Physicians in the USA
Family Practice Physicians in the USA

They know your personal and family history
From toddlers to the people in their 90s- these physicians continuously provide their treatments to the members from every generation. They know about your family health more than you do. If your family has a long-term relationship with a family doctor, it is quite possible that s/he is aware of your family medical history and provide treatment according to that. Therefore, their method of providing treatment is more reason specific and result oriented.

Helps to find out the right specialist
No matter which health complication you are suffering from, these physicians are always the first one to visit. By evaluating your health symptoms, your family doctor will prescribe you which specialists you should visit for specific disease-oriented treatment. For example, if you have jaundice and simultaneously facing issues like back or stomach pain, severe weight loss, nausea, vomiting, gallbladder or liver enlargement, blood clots, etc.- it is possible that you have pancreatic cancer. Then your family physician will refer you to a cancer specialist, who can provide you treatment specifically targeted to your health issues.

Pediatrician + Internal medicine physician
“One man army” will be too rhetoric to describe the efficiency of a physician, no? But these physicians are actually the one path of solution where someone from any age group can find a cure for his/her health problem. Pediatricians are the health specialists who care for the children and internal medicine specialists are those who treat the adults. Family medicine practitioners are the combination of both. From newborn to toddlers, rock stars teenagers, dreamers from the youth, workaholics from middle-aged adults, retirees and even the old bloods in their 80s or 90s- these doctors can find a cure for everyone.

Better life in lesser expense
According to Cleveland Clinic’s report, if it is possible to add one primary care physician (like family practice physicians) for every 10,000 patients, this will reduce the overall hospital admission by 5.5%, emergency room admission by 11% and surgeries by 11%. And this is basically a proven fact. In Rhode Island, the government has become successful in reducing the total healthcare expenditure by increasing their primary care spending by 23%. And various sociologists have already shared the idea that our society (or the state) works like an autonomous human body. It is also possible for us to avoid the massive hospital treatment expenditure if we can maintain a connection with one family practitioners for primary care treatments.

Now you know that why it is important to find one family practice physician for you and your family, right? Medical emergencies are exceptional conditions, but otherwise, these physicians are always there to provide you right and proper answer for any of your healthcare condition. But choose one with proper experience- because your family’s life depends on it!

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