5 Ways Speech Pathologists can make your life Better

Communication or interaction is not just a method of transferring message or stating an opinion. Communication is rather the way that helps us to realise that yes, we are alive! Do you remember the movie “Cast Away” and the character (Chuck) played by Tom Hanks? He was completely alone on the whole island. He drew a face on the bloody hand print on a Wilson volleyball and started talking to the ball by naming it “Wilson”. He created an object “to communicate” with his own blood just to have the feeling that he is alive! If communication is not another name of reminding of our existence- then what is! But think of the people who face difficulties in their very task of communication or speaking. Well, luckily we are not living on an uninhabited island where we still have to learn to make fire for our survival. With the constant improvement in medical science, speech pathologists are presently equipped with more advanced tools and technology to get these people out of their complications. Let’s have a look at the disorders that can be cured with the help from an efficient speech-language pathology professional.

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Finding cure for the speech disorders
Speech pathologists help to find a cure for the disability of moving articulators or lips, jaw, tongue and palate. In this manner, the specialists rectify the process of producing individual sounds and improve their communication skills.

Bringing back the fluency
No matter how studious a child is, if s/he doesn’t have fluency in speaking, this becomes a major cause of his/her depression and lack of self-confidence. Stuttering is a disorder that affects a person’s speech fluency- if treated properly, this disorder can be cured. Speech pathologists first evaluate the stage of the disorder by observing primary symptoms like repetitions, prolongations, blocks, etc. or secondary behavioural symptoms like eye blinks, tension in the neck, shoulders and face, nose flaring etc. After identifying the stage, they prescribe some methods that can help a patient to control such behaviours and increase speech intelligence.

Rectifying swallowing and feeding disorders
Children who are facing swallowing and feeding issues, their parents should immediately bring them to the nereby hospital or clinic where they can find an experienced speech pathology specialist. These doctors have in-depth knowledge about the functions and structures of oral cavities and help the kids to find a cure for the myofunctional disorder.

Taking care of the damaged vocal cord
Complications like vocal cord paralysis, nodules on the vocal cords, etc. can affect the vocal folds. Again, some behavioural issues can be the reason for the damage of vocal folds. For example, the bad habit of too much talking, excessive yelling or frequent throat clearing can lead to the strains of vocal folds. In such cases, doctors with experience in speech and resonance disorders can bring patients out of these behaviours and consequently repair the damages.

Finding hope for the ones who have lost it
For the children who are born with some communication disorders or acquired due to any disease or accident (like head injury, stroke etc.)- their parents should consult speech pathology specialist as soon as possible. These doctors will teach the child some compensatory methods to overcome the barriers and confidently build their communication skills.

In short, consulting a speech pathologist will not only improve communication and interactive skill but these specialists can help a person to face the harsh outside world with strong self-confidence that can change his/her whole life.

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