Email Marketing – Deliverability, Content, Design

Do you know that email marketing is the top rated marketing communication channel?
According to Gartner, more than 73% of marketers think email is the best channel to communicate with customers or prospects. And email marketing is an easy channel which can be tracked and updated to improve its performance. The three elements you will need to know without which you cannot make your email marketing yield results are Deliverability, Content and Design.
Deliverability – Make sure your email reach the inbox:
There are many marketers who are flagged as spam and blocked by the ISPs. In many cases, even opted-in subscribers throw emails into the spam folder. Here are the reasons that are making your email’s journey to the inbox tough.
Blacklists: This is a list of problematic email senders whose mails are automatically thrown into the spam folder. There are many sites which can help you identify if your IP address is blacklisted. In case of your IP being blacklisted, you need to send a request to the ISP remove your IP from the blacklist. Once removed from the list, you need to take ultra-careful not to fall into the list.
Sender Policy Framework (SPF): Spammers forge email accounts and send emails so that recipients would open emails looking at the sender name. SPF is to avoid such forgeries. This is implemented by most of the ISPs and mail hosts.
Sender Reputation: Your sender reputation depends on the IP address from which you are sending your emails. Sender reputation score depends on various activities related to your email campaigns.
The best way to deal with deliverability issue is to requesting recipients to add your email address to whitelist so that all your emails land in the inbox.
Content – Write reader-friendly content:
There are writers who tend to use high frequency words in emails that most of the recipients don’t understand. To write reader-friendly content, writers should be aware of the audience and write based on their profiles.
Subject Line: The first important element email content is subject line. If the subject line is not good, none would be interested to open the emails. So the subject lines should be compelling enough to make the recipients take action.
Email Content: The content needs to be gluey and should make the readers remember what you wrote. Readers should be able to relate to your emails to them.
Call-to-action: Last but not the least. There should be a call-to-action for every email, compelling them to action.
Design – For all email clients:
Emails can be sent as a simple text version or a colorful and alluring HTML version. Though there are few recipients who still prefer text version of emails, most of them prefer looking at beautiful HTML templates as they showcase creativity. However, since the spammers are over-using HTML versions, ISPs have filters which block emails that uses specific patterns of email designs and templates. So keep your template simples yet creative and do not follow the routine patterns to stand out of the crowd.
Your next email campaign, follow the DCD formula and check out amazing difference in your results.

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