Replace Aggressive Selling Tactics with the Soft-Sell Tactics

Aggressive marketing tactics had long ruled the pharmacy industry, converting it into a $300 billion-a-year company. Unfortunately, these tactics hold no relevance any longer.  That is because physicians and doctors have now turned towards other important concerns. Today, doctors are supposed to closely attend to an increasing number of patients while cutting down costs, which is challenging. Contradictory to earlier practices, when the doctors had to acknowledge the pharmacy reps by writing long prescriptions, today the reps need to approach healthcare professionals with service oriented methodology(soft -sell).That's because doctors have resisted the aggressive tactics for the past few years.
One best way to capture the attention of healthcare practitioners is to get into soft-sell tactics.
There is certainly a strong reason to look for a newer and better approach to pharmaceutical marketing, as the industry has fallen on hard times. Problems in the form of reduction in staff, costly legal affairs, and governmental restriction on the promotion of drugs have added to the difficulty faced by the industry.
One of the pharmaceutical companies, Eli and Lilly has noted a 25% increase in the satisfaction level of physicians along with a considerable growth in sales through subtle service oriented marketing(read soft-sell). Sales representatives who have mastered using pitches may not find soft-sell easy. But, just by incorporating basic qualities like “listening”, sales representatives can effectively adopt soft-sell tactics into their selling techniques.
As part of the soft-sell methodology, sales teams can build trust by closely listening to the concerns of medical practitioners and providing practical solutions. As for any customer service representative, coming up with excellent solutions separates the best from the rest.

The first priority for any doctor would be, his patient. Taking the time to understand the needs and worries of physicians goes a long way in improving your overall sales. Rather than reiterating the benefits of drugs to sell, you can provide documents that explain drug functionality or safety data. Those documents are treasured by the healthcare professionals though they seem simple.

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