How to Uncover Confusion in Selecting a Mailing List-Part3

Clone your classic customers with customer survey

According to the Pareto principle, the 80% of your profits comes from 20% of your customers. Analyze your customer files to see what the Best customers have in common such as demographics, attitudes, interests and purchase patterns. Use these traits to search the database and find the best prospects that have similar characteristics. This results in more effective marketing campaigns.

This in-depth analysis of customers and prospects helps you understand your customers and make better marketing decisions. Clone my customer takes the guesswork out of consumer prospecting to help you target future buyers, giving you the same promotional power used by the largest marketers.

How to Decide Which Customers to Clone?

Each business has unique needs in terms of selecting whom to include for cloning. Your consumer prospect list might include:
  • Customers who have a high value to you based on total purchase amount or lifetime purchase value
  • Loyal customers who have the highest loyalty to or longevity with your business
  • Recent buyers who are likely to respond to seasonal or new product offers
  • Customers who demonstrate a buying pattern, such as premium product buyers or those who have purchased three times in the last three months

However you decide to determine your best population to clone, the cloning process will profile those customers for you and find people who have similar characteristics and therefore have a higher propensity to purchase from you. 

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