How to Uncover Confusion in Selecting a Mailing List-Part2

Compiled lists suffices all your needs

Compiled lists are less-targeted (and often non-targeted) versions of their response list counterparts. In the past, compiled B2C lists were created primarily from DMV records. These days, compiled data can actually be of higher quality due to use of the internet, census demographic data, etc. Compiled lists are derived from a wide variety of sources. They are:
  • Telephone directories (both the white and yellow pages)
  • Trade publications including directories for various industries and membership rosters of trade and consumer groups.
  • Private memberships rosters of clubs, unions, associations
  • Government records - including professional registrations for each state for all licensed trades such as doctors, lawyers, contractors, engineers, etc.
  • Lists purchased at auctions
  • Lists obtained through barter agreements
  • Auto and truck registrations and driver’s license lists in states where these files are released.
  • House to house canvassing, mail surveys, warranty card data.
Compiled lists cost less than response lists. Their advantage is that they are cost effective. Another distinctive advantage of Compiled lists is that they are totally comprehensive. Their non-targeted nature, however, usually means that compiled mailing data is much better used in a branding/visibility campaign than a direct sales campaign.

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