4 Reasons to Visit a Dietitian

There are facts and there are misconceptions – and there are misconceptions that people believe as facts. For instance, it’s a fact that a person’s food intake and habits has to be monitored to a significant extent if he/she is suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular problems or is even pregnant, and visiting a registered dietitian will certainly help. But it’s a misconception if one believes that visiting a dietitian will help in reducing weight immediately!

A dietitian is like a food coach. On being consulted therefore he/she will usually have a detailed discussion with you about your lifestyle, eating habits, working hours, level of activity, medical history, purpose of visit, goals etc. Accordingly he/she will help you to understand how to balance food habits and intake, so as not to lose on the nutritional aspects. Considering that depending on the level of expertise and experience dietitians possess their initial consultation fee can range between $100 to $500 (at times not covered by insurance) it is unwise to seek professional aid unless really required.

So let us share with you some of the reasons as to why and when to visit a Dietitian!

Dietitian at Work! Source:diabetesdigest.com

Your eating habits are affecting energy level

The human body needs a balanced diet in order to be able to carry out regular chores. So if you feel unusually tired, or find it difficult to go through the entire day without feeling sleepy, or feel too exhausted to exercise, then certainly there is considerable dip in your body’s level of energy. The first thing to do in such cases will be to visit a physician or doctor and probably have a few tests conducted to identify if there is any recognizable medical condition. If not, in most cases your physician will direct you to a registered dietitian in order to rework and plan your dietary intake. A Registered Dietitian will study you in depth, inspire, counsel and support you by formulating a diet chart that will ensure that there’s natural balance in food that is being consumed so as to maintain the required levels of energy.

You have a chronic medical illness or food allergies

Food plays a critical part in certain illnesses. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, renal problems, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. can be controlled to a greater extent by charting a nutritious eating plan. Visiting dietitians will not only help in understanding what should and should not be eaten regularly, but they can even prepare a cheat sheet for you to savor your taste buds and fondness for certain food items from time to time. Similarly, if you have food allergies such as lactose intolerance, it is recommended to visit a dietitian so as to incorporate substitutes into your diet.

You are pregnant or are breast-feeding

It is recommended that during pregnancy one visits a registered dietitian in order to ensure that the body is eating well enough to keep it nourished. It is not uncommon to develop high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and even gain weight during this time, and hence it is recommended to keep consulting with a dietitian to eat right. Similarly, during breast feeding your diet should be rich in iron, vitamin B and D, fluoride etc. A dietitian can help you with that too.

You are having a tough time eating healthy

Emotional eating, especially eating fried and junk food is not uncommon and people often battle with these. In such cases visiting a registered dietitian is strongly recommended. They do more than coach you about calorie intake. They also help you to plan and eat smarter. It further helps if your dietitian is also trained in holistic health as they can take care of emotional coaching as well.

So don’t be misinformed. Remember that Dietitians and Nutritionists are there to help you plan your diet. They are not going to stop you from eating everything that you love! So be informed and look at facts before drawing conclusions.

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