Shortage of Oncologists by 2020

Demand for Oncologists in today’s over populated planet is expected to rise radically. With cancer survival rates increasing and the workforce in the oncology specialty retiring, will lead to an increase in the numbers. The demand for Oncologists is expected to rise by 48%. However, this results in a gap between the demand and supply. This leaves a shortage of thousands of oncologists. As a result, most oncologists will be paid high for retention.
Top Healthcare Leads understands that with the rise of the demand for experienced oncologists, their requirements for medical equipment will change. The rise in oncologist salary will impact their lifestyle. They turn out to be amazing consumers for fashion industry and food and beverages industry. We have acquired contact details of oncologists in US who are mostly members of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). This mailing list is a perfect target for businesses selling oncology medical equipment, or oncology related events or seminars, etc.

Here is a list of the oncology sub specialties along with the counts.
  • Clinical Oncologist - 364
  • Medical Oncologist - 340
  • Pediatric Oncologist - 285
  • Radiation Oncologist - 1,902
  • Surgical Oncologist - 50
  • Thoracic Oncologist - 06
  • Urologic Oncologist - 18
  • Total - 2,965

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