Marketing Dos and Don’ts With Doctors

Doctors are a skeptical lot for the marketers to deal with. They are highly informed and would always like to be informed on things that are new to them. As one can understand, setting an appointment and scheduling a meeting with the doctors is not only difficult but is critical for your products’ success.
Find a few practical tips below on how to market and sell your products, once you go face-face with them.
Don’t - Begin with product talk
When you get those few minutes out from the doctor’s busy clock, you’re only supposed to make the best use of it. Never start bombarding him with the entire product features. Instead, try to get to the core of the problems that the doctor faces in his daily schedule. Understand his needs and then lead your marketing /sales pitch with the right alignment with your product. If your product pitch doesn't meet any of his concerns, there’s no point wasting his or your time.
Do - Know How your product Solves Clinical Problems
Now you have gathered the problems that the doctor is faced with. Next, it’s your turn to project how your product is designed to address those clinical problems and how that helps the doctor. If you’re from the pharmacy industry, you can convey the stages of the disease that the drug addresses. If you’re selling software or medical device, you should be able to convey how the doctor can use the product to his/her benefits. Cost savings and product efficiency can be discussed as part of your product pitch.
Don’t - Proclaim you are an Expert
If you are given the time to speak about your product, it doesn't mean that you know more than the doctor. One thing that the doctor is sure about is: he knows more than you do, in his field of specialty. So just lead your pitch with information that is rich and beneficial for the doctor to make a buying decision.
Do - A Product Expert
No matter how many questions the doctor poses at you about the product, you should be in a position to answer them all. There shouldn't be a single question that doesn't have an answer off your head instantly. If you can’t tell the doctor about the co-pay associated with your product or the plans it covers, the doctor certainly won’t have the time to sit through another appointment or allot time for you in future.
Do - Show the actual side of the product
Apart from product information, you’re also expected to give doctors some real-time product related clinical case studies. Doctors have always been skeptical about data that the sales teams provide. Be ready to confidently relate the case studies to the patients’ problems and that the data you present is applicable.
How has your experience with doctors been? You can post your comments below.