Healthcare Data Needs Urgent Validation? Why?

In the healthcare industry, no matter what marketing program you are dealing with, the ultimate driver of all efforts should be your ROI. The healthcare marketing sphere is getting polluted by the noise of various distributors, manufacturers and other healthcare professionals who are competing to get the attention of prescribers. This makes prescribers increasingly difficult to get accessible. As a result it becomes assertive to make your marketing program stand out from the crowd.
How do you make your marketing campaigns a success?
The answer is: Data Hygiene and Validation of your healthcare lists.
Let us explore in why data validation is so important for your marketing strategies to click.
Almost 1/4th of the master data of most organizations is either incomplete or wrong. This is brought open by an Aberdeen Study on 176 organizations. The respondents of this survey said that at least 25% of their data is either outdated or corrupt.
It costs the marketers money. According to Ovum’s estimates, US businesses lose $700 billion a year because of bad data. Inaccurate prescriber data lists, poor coordination and database management lead to a loss of investment dollars and revenue opportunities.
It also costs marketers time. The aforementioned report also estimates that it takes at least 13 hours’ time to fix a single data error or exception. The respondents stated that there are about 71 errors for every 1,000 data records. If you had to undertake the cleansing of your data, the amount of time that you need to spend is 923 hours,
If you want to get rid of all the above data issues, our data cleansing, validation, appending and management services are the right fit for your business. Gain maximum benefits from data that is up to-date, fresh and ready to use. Our dedicated team of professionals helps to achieve this in the most efficient manner.

Save time and money spent on research and set yourself free from the trouble of having to deal with inaccurate or corrupt data. Gain access to decision makers, doctors, pharmacists and many other professionals in the healthcare industry and find your revenues and ROI shoot up.