Common work-problems faced by Certified Nursing Assistants

It’s not uncommon to come across people who think that physicians, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare specialists lead a very independent life with little regard for rules and regulations. What they are probably unaware of is that the healthcare industry is guided and ruled by statutes and regulations, with each and every malpractice noticed and punished for if necessary. So is the case of a certified nursing assistant who despite his/her adherence to guidelines and rules and relentless service have often heard patient complaints, and the pressure of being understaffed. Considering that certified nursing assistants are responsible for providing 80-90% direct patient care, it’s understandable that their role is extremely challenging and prone to facing problems. So why not take a look at the common work-problems faced by certified nursing assistants.

Ability to live up to expected standards

Whether one is working in a community hospital or a private nursing home, CNAs are accustomed to patients demanding better services and patient care. Not only do they have to carry out their duties such as serve meals and help patients eat, bathe and dress patients, clean and sanitize patient beds etc. they also have to adhere to medical regulations such as patient data secrecy and protection. In the United States, lawsuits can be filed if CNAs share vital information with anyone other than those authorized to. This is all the more critical for certified nursing assistants offering home-care services, since they are more closely associated with patients. For those serving in hospitals, things are better since patients are usually admitted and attended on for a short period of time ranging from days to weeks.

Being up-to-date in skills and competence

Healthcare is a dynamic sector and innovations in treatment techniques are nothing new. Considering that there is an overall shortage of nurses globally with certain CNAs serving 12 hours a day, it is at times challenging for CNAs to be able to upgrade their skills in order to be able to render better services and patient care. According to the BLS it is expected that between the years 2012-22 the job opportunities for nursing assistants will increase by 21% making it obvious that CNAs are here to stay. It is therefore advisable that in order to avoid verbal criticism and lawsuits, certified nursing assistants make the effort to upgrade their skills through training programs, online classes or even taking necessary sabbaticals. This also means being technically savvy as all healthcare records is now being stored digitally for easy access. Being up-to-date on new procedures and laws also helps them in being aware of their own rights in a rapidly changing sector.

Bringing Physical and Emotional strength to work

A certified nursing assistant must be physically and emotionally strong at work. Their daily routine is exhaustive, considering that they have to stand and serve for over 10 hours daily, reposition patients, lift patients into beds/wheelchairs, push a medical carts etc. Their role as such not only expects them to be strong physically but also stable emotionally. Certainly, there are times of immense joy, for instance seeing an elderly recover; but there are also times when bad news is shared, or patients are scared or in pain etc. People considering being a CNA professionally must consider the trials and tribulations of work before considering it as their career.

So, though different states have different requirements for certifying one as a CNA, it goes without saying that there’s a dire need for them. So hone your skills and witness success in the nursing profession by keeping check of the work-place problems and finding solutions to it!

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