Data Cleansing Process of Top Healthcare Leads

Most Data selling companies do not have data quality management on their top-priority list unlike us. At Top Healthcare Leads, we are governed by stringent guidelines and rules to manage lists on a monthly basis. Though data is procured from highly reliable sources, it is necessary for data experts to cleanse the contacts to keep it in tact. Here is the data cleansing process we at Top Healthcare Leads adhere to.

  • Identify Non-working Data Fields
  • Replace & Update With Current Information
  • Replace Address Information Using NCOA
  • Domain Verification & Validation
  • Identifying Undelivered Emails
  • Replace Undeliverable Emails Using ECOA
  • Incorrect Syntax In Emails Identified
  • Identify Dead Domain Names
  • Identify Invalid Ids (Eg: Aksfj@aksfj.Com) 
  • Manual Verification & Consolidation Of Data
  • Ensure Accuracy Of Data & De-duping
  • Ensure Data Values Fall Within Defined Parameters
  • Ensure Consistency Of Data Format

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