The ultimate Cheat-sheet for CEOs to transform their Business Performance

In the contemporary healthcare industry, organizations cannot expect business growth without undergoing performance transformations.
It is not a one players’ game to improve the business performance of an enterprise and transform the way it usually works. Everyone has to play a part. The role of CEOs is unique as they stand at the top of the organizational hierarchy.
As CEOs are responsible for leading the business performance transformation project, they need to spend the right amount of time, communicate with the right kind of people and share the right kind of information to bring the necessary changes.
Here are some simple yet effective steps to make that possible.
Step 1: Personalize the Strategy
Every business has its own story, own product and own way to deal with their prospects and customers. In order to bring transformation in business performance, CEOs need to personalize the strategy as per the business characteristics and start with the project accordingly.
Step 2: Self-transformation
No matter how good or bad the business condition is, employees always look up to their CEO when they search for an answer. It remains the same in case of transforming business performance also.
As they rightly say, if you want to bring a change, it should start with you. Similarly, in order to bring any change in the business scenario, the CEO has to reinvent himself/herself first. The CEO has to rethink the way s/he usually handle things and manage situations. Then s/he can plan the strategy correctly and welcome the necessary transformations.
Step 3: Building the Right Team
Business transformation is not just one CEO’s responsibility. It needs excellent individual players, who are dedicated to play as a team and give their 100%.
Now the CEO has to build a team with people who are on the same page and ready to go hand in hand with executives’ decisions to achieve the same goal.

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Step 4: Collective Upliftment
In order to bring employees (from all stages) on the same page, the CEO has to evaluate their roles, responsibilities and identify the areas they are lagging behind.
The CEO has to ensure that every individual clearly understands how, when and where the transformation is going to take place. For example, if a hospital CEO decides to improve their provided healthcare facilities, not only hospital administrators but medical professionals also have to actively involve for bringing this transformation.
The CEO has to serve as a positive role model to all professionals. It is the CEO, who will get the right stakeholders on board. S/he has to guide all employees and other decision-makers to do the required things, develop the right skills and proceed towards excellence in a collective manner.
Step 5: Invest enough team time
The first order of starting the operation is to help all members and decision-makers to be on the same page. They have to agree on what they can achieve as a team, not as individuals. They should also plan out how often the team should meet to achieve that goal, what transformation issues should be discussed, and what kind of working approach the team expects from the members.
In order to convince all professionals for these agreements, the CEO has to follow the “team charter” and influence the team to be on the right track. S/he has to invest enough time to make everything right, keep an eye on the progress continuously and take the right step as per the evaluation findings.

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