How can Electronic Health Records (EHRs) benefit you?

Healthcare organizations (both hospitals and private clinics) these days are gradually shifting from paper charts to electronic medical records. EHR is making the job easier for healthcare specialists by helping them to provide better patient-care. But it is not just the doctors who are getting profit from the use of EHR, it may benefit you also!

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EMR contains standard medical and clinical data on individual patients that are gathered, managed and consulted by authorized clinicians. In EHR, you will get all of these and even more. EHR focuses on the overall patient-history of individuals.
Going beyond the clinical data collected in a particular providers’ office, these records contain data on all of those clinicians who have ever been involved in providing care to a particular patient.
The best part is that The National Alliance for Health Information Technology says, EHR data “can be created, managed and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across more than one healthcare organization.”

For Doctors
Doctors and physicians in different specialties will be able to provide better care to their patients with the help of EHR.
While doing the diagnosis or prescribing treatment, doctors can find out if the patient has any life-threatening allergy from any particular drug and adjust the prescription accordingly.
In case of emergency treatment, with this information gathered by the primary care provider, emergency department clinicians can get the full history of individuals easily, even if the patient is unconscious.
The laboratory test reports that are done sometimes back, can easily be accessed through EHR. Therefore, medical specialists can easily acquire necessary data without asking the patient to go for duplicate tests.

For Patients
The right use of Electronic Health Record will not only make doctors’ job easy, it will also make things better for the patients.
With the id number and password, patients can log in to her/his own medical record anytime, go through all medical reports and evaluate the improvement or deterioration of health condition. This will encourage patients to continue medications as per doctors’ recommendation and maintain healthy lifestyle.
By using EHR, patients will be well-informed about the discharge information along with the factors related to follow-up treatment. So moving from one set of healthcare to another medical care setting will never be a problem for them.

For Marketers
EHR can be used as a powerful tool for healthcare marketers. If marketers can use EHR-focused campaigns correctly, this can make their medical products and/or services visible to their targeted doctors and increase their sales. 
According to Ritesh Patel, the Ogilvy CommonHealth’s Chief Digital Officer, “It's not just about product messages, but also messages about education or pipeline drugs or presenting data to physicians, which now goes to strategy”.
The use of EHR is gradually rising among healthcare professionals. So marketers, who can target the users and customers of EHR software, easily get the opportunity to build business relationships with the best doctors, different medical specialists, and decision makers from the globally reputed healthcare organizations. By partnering with a healthcare database provider, it will be easy to get all data on EHR users in a single list.

So what do you think of Electronic Health Record? Is EHR is a boon or bane for the contemporary healthcare industry? Let us know in the comment section below!

Posted by: Susan Taylor

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