Need to visit an Audiologist- What are Good Questions to Ask?

What would you feel if you see the crack of dawn and birds flying in the beautiful sky but cannot hear them singing even if you give your best effort? What if you cannot listen to the laugh of your dearest one or cannot talk to your friend because you cannot hear what s/he is talking to you?
When a person loses the ability to hear either because of any accident or from any disease, no one else can really understand that pain. Audiologists take up the responsibility of giving these patients new life by again filling their world of unbearable silence with the magic of sound with appropriate diagnosis and treatments.

Audiologists Mailing List
Audiologists Email List

In order to get the best treatment, when meeting an Audiologist or an ENT Specialist, you need to ask the right question to the doctor to find out the right answer. Here are some basic questions that you need to ask your doctor before starting with the whole treatment procedure.

What is the reason behind losing my ability to hear?
In order to get the right treatment, you should know exactly where the problem lies and how severe the condition is. Therefore, you should ask your specialist that exactly what kind of hearing complication you have, what is the root cause of this condition and only then you should proceed towards receiving the given treatment. Hearing impairment can take place because of many reasons like medication, inflammation, infection or simply because of ageing. According to the cause and nature of the disease treatment will also be provided differently.

How bad exactly is my condition?
From mild to severe- your impaired ability to hear can be at any stage in between. The taken approach towards the disability would be different based on the stage of criticality. In order to understand “the stage” your audiologist will run some test to diagnose frequencies and pitches you have to struggle to hear the most. After understanding the condition, the hearing specialist will provide a suitable and probable solution(s) for your degree of hearing loss. Remember, not every type of hearing impairment is treated with hearing aids. However, if the condition is critical then hearing aid will possibly be considered to be the best treatment.

What if I don’t do anything?
Well, the consequence will be similar if you are going through a bad headache, fever, stomach pain or any other health condition and just leave it like that without having any treatment. If you are facing mild hearing loss now, without any treatment the situation will only become worse. Therefore, a smart person will never make the mistake of leaving this problem without proper doctor’s consultation just to make the condition deteriorate even more.

How expensive will the treatment be?
Well, this is an important question. Before just “going with the flow” you should clearly develop an understanding of how much expenditure the whole diagnosis and treatment procedure will take. Start from the beginning. During the consultation ask your audiologist about the fees of diagnostic tests and if these can be covered by insurance or not. If you need a hearing aid, get a clear idea of purchase and maintenance cost involved with that device. 

These are the general questions that you should ask your audiologist before starting with your diagnosis and treatment. When a patient is fighting the battle with hearing impairment, family members play a very crucial role. Audiologists can also guide family members of an affected patient with various methods of managing the condition and supporting that patient by helping them in understanding his/her communication needs or installing simple assistive devices around the home.

Posted by: Susan Taylor

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