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Just think of this situation. Your brother is getting married. You have bought the best suit for that very day and booked the best available stylist to make you look like a queen. But one bright sunny day before the celebration, you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and find a big round pimple shining on your face.
From the mandatory acne/pimple attack to troublesome critical skin diseases- Dermatologists are the specialists who can find us solutions. When we face a skin issue, there are always some “friends” who have suggestions for the exact skin problem we are fighting with. Most of the time, these “suggestions” are of no use. Rather you should consult a dermatology physician to find the proper cure for your skin disorder. Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit a dermatologist.

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The pain of Acne
The irritation of acne is known to almost everyone. If your pimple or acne is something that you want to get rid of and that also very fast, consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Hormonal fluctuation, bacteria infection, birth control medicine, stress- acne can happen for many reasons. It is always better to consult a specialist to understand the proper reason first and then take action accordingly.

The irritation of Itching
If your skin is becoming extremely rough or itchy, it is high time that you consult a dermatologist for the suggestion. There are several skin conditions that can cause such persistent itching. So it’s better to take the suggestion from an expert dermatologist before taking any sudden action. Because there might be some internal reason behind the skin complications you are facing.

Check the patch
If you have a patch which is darker or lighter than your usual skin color and therefore clearly visible, you should check with your dermatologist once. The patch or mole can either be your birthmark or something that you have recently noticed. No matter what it is, do a check-up to understand if this is a safe one. Because such moles or patches can be symptoms of some serious health conditions like skin cancer (like Lymphoma).

Helplessness of Hair fall
A recent medical research has come out with the fact that people in the USA spend more than $10 billion over hair care. Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia, Chemical hair damage, Telogen Effluvium, Traction Alopecia- the reason behind your hair fall can be many. So when you see you are facing excessive hair loss, don’t wait until its too late. Consult a dermatologist as soon as possible to find out the best solution for your hair condition.

And the list does not end here. Complications like skin rash, flushed skin, having issues with your nails or anything else- do not waste your time until its too late. Visit your nearest dermatologist to get the proper and required treatment for your skin problem. No matter how small or severe the problem is, make sure the dermatologist you are visiting for consultation is experienced enough.

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