Do I need to see a Psychologist? Answer these 3 Questions to find out

A: “Hey,  I have recently noticed something. You don’t seem very happy these days, is everything alright?”
B: “Actually, I am also not very sure. I don’t feel good at all. It’s like a big cloud of sorrow is always wrapped around my heart. Sometimes I feel, this cloud of sadness is getting inside my body and trying to choke me to death.”
A: “Oh God! I think you are going through depression. Why don’t you just visit a psychologist?”
B: “Are you out of your mind? What will people say? They will think I’m psychologically challanged!”

And this is how most of the people who are continuously fighting with mental disturbance step back and do not take the courage of consulting a mental health professional. Ask these 3 questions to yourself. If your answer is "yes", consult an experienced psychologist today before it's too late.

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Question 1: Do you always feel sad?
Like the mentioned condition above, if you are continuously fighting with uncontrollable sorrow, if nothing in the world is being helpful enough to make things better for you, maybe it is the time that you should consult a psychologist. 

Question 2: Are you always worried about everything?
If your answer is yes, then don’t worry. This is something you can definitely get rid of- if you consult a psychologist on time. If your day to day life activities is getting hampered because of your extreme anxiety, fear and mental uneasiness, do not waste time and take proper action now.

Question 3: Does your life seem out-of-balance these days?
Are you losing track of your own life? If you are drowning deeper and deeper into the complications of everyday life and failing miserably to take proper decisions, if your career is running out of the track right in front of your eyes or your relationship with friends and family members is constantly becoming worse- maybe it is not the “others” who are responsible for this; may be the root cause of your every misery is lying inside yourself. Consult a therapist now- you will find motivation again and will be able to bring your life back on track.

Not just emotional or behavioral disturbances, doctoral level specialist psychologists like- child psychologists, consumer psychologists, developmental psychologists, educational psychologists, military psychologists, school psychologists, sports psychologists, etc. also practise in non-clinical environments like educational institutes, business organizations and government agencies. Psychologists also administer a number of tests and assessments to evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a person that can improve his/her personal and professional lifestyle. So if you are also going through a difficult phase of your life, visit an experienced psychologist now and make your life beautiful again.

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