Different Types of Nursing Specialties: How Many have you Heard of?

When we talk about the standard of healthcare service provided by hospitals or other medical clinics, it is not just specialty physicians or surgeons we talk about. The quality of nurses and their provided care also plays an integral role while discussing this subject. For different healthcare services, there are different categories of nursing professionals. Some of the major categories have been discussed below.

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Registered Nurse
RN or Registered Nurses are those nurses who have associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. These nursing professionals assist doctors or physicians in hospitals and healthcare centers while providing treatment to patients with diseases, health injuries and other medical conditions.

Nurse Practitioner
NP or Nurse Practitioners are those nursing professionals who work under the supervision of physicians. These nurses can assist physicians in diagnosing diseases, prescribing medicines or to develop proper treatment plans.

Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse
These registered nurses work within ICU or Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. They are expert medical professionals in providing complex nursing care to the most critical conditioned patients in hospitals. As this is a specialty department in nursing care profession, it needs proper training and in-depth working experience before starting with this job.

Travel Registered Nurse
Travel registered nurses work on the temporary basis both nationally and internationally. Their duration of the temporary contract depends as per the demand of their specific working field. They sometimes have to work for weeks, and sometimes for a few years. Their duties and responsibilities are mostly similar with registered nurses, just they are the “no strings attached” employees who work for various nursing service provider agencies.

Home Care Registered Nurse
These registered nurses provide nursing care to patients within their home. Usually, patients with geriatric disorders or even young people with some developmental disorders can not leave their home because of mobility issues. In such conditions, these RNs help them to achieve nursing care without leaving their own place.

Oncology Registered Nurse
These nursing professionals provide nursing care to patients who are fighting their battle with cancer. They observe or monitor cancer patients, assist oncologists in prescribing proper medication, operate chemotherapy and other required cancer treatments.

Dialysis registered nurse
They are also known as Nephrology Nurses. As the name suggests, these nurses are experts in taking care of patients who are suffering from kidney disorders or any kidney functional abnormalities. They have to work in hospitals, as well as in dialysis clinics or patients’ homes to perform dialysis and other treatments suggested by respective nephrologists.

Neonatal Intensive Care Registered Nurse
They are the professionals who provide nursing care services in NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. As infants need immediate medical attention after they are born, these nurses have to be extremely cautious and careful in their work. They should have proper knowledge of all medical equipment which is required for providing life-support to a newborn baby.

A Nurse is a caregiver, primary communicator and knowledge provider to his/her patients. They are the mediator through which doctors can be aware of patients’ health condition and prescribe solutions accordingly. This is why nurses are often called “heart” of the healthcare system.

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